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Contract Signature

Order Management

Sales order entry process involves multi-stage order statuses beginning with a Quote and escalation to Contract when the Quote is completed.

Multiple change orders may be created for each sales order to indicate changes to the contract, debits or credits and provides a document where the dealer/customer can sign-off on the changes.

Below are examples of the Sales entry process as well as Contract documents and Change Order Documents.

Each order is shown and navigation involves using a logical tree view methodology much like file explorer in Microsoft Windows ™.

Each column on the Browse is sort able.  Filters and look-up features include Serial/Vin number, Unit number, Dealer Name, and Model Name.

Orders may be filtered by STAGE.


Signon Form.bmp
Order Manager 001.bmp
Quote Editor/ Contract Editor

Product Lines

Order items are sorted in Product Class, Product Sub-Class and Item Number order. Items in red will indicate an expired item, RFQ, or an item where the price has changed or the text has changed.

Dealer Address information along with Buyer address information is stored on the Quote/Contract.

Contract Total Page

The contract total page is completely customize able by the factory. Using a feature similar to the Product Configurator, using excel formulas, any contract totals may be totaled, calculated, surcharges applied as needed.

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